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The calls to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics are growing by the day. A coalition group representing Uyghurs, Tibetans, Hong Kong activists, and many others issued a joint statement in May calling for the complete removal of the Winter Game from Beijing next year. Canada is in a particularly precarious relationship with China. With two Canadian hostages Michael Korvig and Michael Spavor held in prison, Canada so far has had a very tepid response to China’s aggression. The entire cabinet and a few other Liberal MPs along with Prime Minister Trudeau removed themselves from voting for the Uyghur Genocide motion…

This piece is copy edited by Joe Volpe, Canada’s former Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. All rights reserved.

Canadian political parties of all stripes have long oscillated between the urge to tap into Canada’s immigrant communities, and an opposing instinct to turn inward and rebuff such influences. In a recent CBC report, April 13 2021, Liberal MP David McGuinty, head of the National Security Intelligence Committee (NSICOP), said that state actors are looking to join political parties to ‘exert influence’.

“What does that mean? That means volunteers signing up to work in campaign offices or campaign settings. It means individuals…

Two years ago, I penned an article to The Toronto Star after the arrest of Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou. The article link is here

Although The Toronto Star filed my article under the “Opinion” section, I feel it is more of an analytical piece. I used lots of data and evidence to back up my analysis. In my article, I said these:

1)China would place harsh sanctions on our commodities such as soybeans, canola seeds, lobsters, etc

2)China would hurt Canadian tourism by banning all tour groups to come to Canada

3)Things would become increasingly difficult for Chinese Canadians who…

A senior Chinese Diplomat called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “boy” and Canada “a running dog” of the US on Twitter recently. “Boy, your greatest achievement is to have ruined the friendly relations between China and Canada and have turned Canada into a running dog of the U.S.,” tweeted Li Yang, China’s consul-general to Rio de Janeiro on March 28th.

DISCLAIMER : This is a piece written by Canadian Chinese Political Affairs Committee (CCPAC)’s summer student. All rights reserved.

In the fight against fear in Hong Kong, there are no easy answers. Western governments like Canada must use every tool in their belt if they seek to influence China’s Hong Kong policy. Regardless of the outcome, countries like Canada owe it to their citizens in Hong Kong to stand up for their human rights.

When Chinese Premier Zhao Ziyang signed The Sino-British Joint Declaration in 1984, Hong Kong’s share of China’s GDP was over 25%. China’s motive for securing the…

Rahm Emmanuel once said “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. It is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before”. It looks like Derek Sloan took a page out of Emmanuel’s play book. Sloan, a Conservative back bencher vaulted to the front page of national news last week. Sloan suggested Canada’s chief public health officer is working for China and should be fired for giving bad advice to the government on the COVID-19 crisis. The Seventh-day Adventist , little known Conservative MP could have not cared less what Dr Tam does had he…

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It has been more than three weeks since China first admitted to the world about the pandemic corona virus outbreak. They had lied about it back in December 2019, reassuring the world that it was nothing to worry about. Since then, the World Health Organization declared a global health emergency on January 30th as the coronavirus outbreak spread well beyond China.

On January 31st, The Lancet, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious medical journals published the latest findings of Prof Gabriel Leung MD, Prof Joseph Wu phD, Kathy Leung phD from the University of Hong Kong ( According…

Confucius Institutes Distribution Map as of 2018

In the Analects, Confucius famously says: “In practicing the rules of propriety, it is harmony that is prized.” Harmony has been a central tenet of China’s foreign policy, or so it claims. The Confucius Institute, an ambitious soft power play by China to promote its language and culture overseas, has faced its share of setbacks in Canada since 2014. Just last month, New Brunswick’s Education Minister Dominic Cardy announced that his government was severing ties with the Confucius Institute. …

Karen Woods

PR Specialist | Political Strategist | Canadian Chinese Political Affairs Committee Co-founder| Complex and Nuanced

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